Living and dreaming in north Florida, I’m inspired by the sights and sounds of the inland highlands near the wilderness coast. It’s a special part of Florida, with deep forests, red clay hills, cold springs – and a healthy dose of universities and state government, to boot.

I escape the discomforts of our long hot and humid summer by working in my studio, where I design and handcraft artisan jewelry made from sterling silver and other nonferrous metals and natural gemstone cabochons.

In my nearly four decades in Tallahassee, I have worn many hats: I’ve been an artist in many media (painting, drawing, graphic arts, writing, editing, publishing, art directing and directing an art-based preschool). I’ve also worked in fiber and have been a beader and a gallery owner. My work ultimately evolved into metalsmithing, where I bring my drawings and doodles to life.

Making shapely metal is my goal, no matter which methodology I employ. From forging curvy blossoms to hollowform box pendants, I want my pieces to rise from the body – while remaining comfortable to wear.

My work is often rustic, with a contemporary (sometimes Modern) flair. It can be quite minimalist or fancy and detailed, depending on which Muse whispers most loudly in my ear!